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Survey hoists need for assisted toilets

Shopping venues are being given proof of the benefit of providing wheelchair-accessible toilets with extra facilities. 

A survey among campaigners for assisted toilets with an adult-sized changing bench and hoist (Changing Places, Space to Change facilities) revealed:Bullring Interior

  • 99% of respondents would visit the retail centre with these facilities over one without
  • 94% would stay for a snack, meal if there were suitable toilets
  • 83% said they would stay longer, spend more in a retail environment that had suitable toilets
  • 68% usually had three or more people with them when visiting a retail environment.

“The figures speak for themselves: footfall, time and spend would all increase if a retail venue catered for people who need help to go to the loo when away from home,” says Robin Tuffley, marketing manager for Closomat, the UK’s leading provider of hoist-assisted accessible toilets.

“20% of the UK population today is disabled, up to 14million people, who spend £212billion a year! A large percentage need a little extra space, and or equipment of a changing bench and/or hoist for intimate care - people who otherwise either can’t visit an outlet, or have to cut their visit short if there aren’t suitable facilities.

“Under current legislation and best practice, these facilities should be provided. The survey gives venues a tangible business argument to install them.”