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Reduce wage bill but increase client dignity, independence

Wage bills can be reduced permanently, yet better, consistent quality of client independence, dignity and wellbeing attained by a ‘one-off’ investment in assistive technology.

Eshcol House

Installing a wash and dry toilet in place of a conventional WC means clients do not need help to wipe clean. Staff are released for other duties. Clients are cleaned to a consistent level, every time, eliminating faecal transfer to hands, clothing so improving hygiene and health. And clients feel more independent, that their privacy and dignity is not compromised.

Even if just one client requires help to clean themselves after using the toilet, the technology capital cost is covered by the savings in wages in less than eight weeks! The benefits of the equipment continue beyond that one client, for years….

“It’s a win:win situation,” claims Robin Tuffley, marketing manager for Closomat, manufacturer of the UK’s biggest-selling wash & dry toilet, the Palma Vita. “If you add up the time it takes two carers to take one person to the loo, just to help them wipe clean, toilet duty for one client equates to 28 hours/week- half a working day, every day!

“If the need for that toilet support is removed, care staff can be employed on other duties. The client’s wellbeing is enhanced as they feel they are independent, in control. The equipment cost can be offset against capital allowances for tax purposes.”