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Closomat Simplifies Inclusive Washroom Provision

Kelvin Grimes
Under latest Standards (BS8300:2009 and BS6465-4), Changing Places toilets are recommended as good practice installation in all buildings to which numbers of the public have access. Larger than conventional accessible (DocumentM) toilets, Changing Places toilets further include a height adjustable changing bench, hoist and privacy screen to enable anyone who needs the help of at least one carer to undertake basic personal hygiene in clean, hygienic and appropriate surroundings.

Given the importance of the campaign we have recruited a dedicated project manager to work with architects, specifiers and installers to help them understand the requirements of a Changing Places toilet, and create the most appropriate facility.

Kelvin Grimes trained as a plumber, but has a decade of experience in technical sales and support on a raft of specialist disability equipment and DDA access. As a result, he brings to the table the ability to undertake all aspects of a Changing Places installation, from design advice and specification through surveying to installation and commissioning, balancing technical requirements with sympathy for end-user needs.

Says Kelvin, "We all go to the toilet on average eight times a day; if you need help to undertake that basic action, it has major impact on your life- where you can go, and for how long. A Changing Places toilet enables disabled people to participate more fully in everyday life, and do the things able people take for granted.

"There is a growing will to cater for the needs of as many people as possible, and a growing need for someone who can make that happen as efficiently as possible. Total Hygiene's 50 years' expertise in disabled toilet provision, product range, and my diverse background, gives specifiers a 'one stop shop' for delivering what thousands of people need- a Changing Places toilet."

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