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  • “Enjoyable” shopping experience delivered for everyone

    “An even better experience for our customers” is extending through to the toilets in North Swindon.

    Orbital Retail Park External View

    The town’s Orbital Shopping Park has benefitted from a £multi-million investment to improve accessibility for all visitors- able and disabled. The ease with which visitors can now get to, and about, the shopping park has been delivered by better pedestrian flow, a new customer service centre, plus more, and new toilets- including a state-of-the-art Changing Places suite.Orbital Retail Park Changing Places

    “When planning the refurbishment, we asked the local community what facilities they would like, and a Changing Places was suggested,” explained Jamie Turner, Centre Manager for Broadgate Estates, which manages the Orbital Shopping Park owned by British Land. “We aim to provide a safe, accessible and enjoyable shopping experience, and accessibility is top of our agenda.”

    Added Kelvin Grimes, away from home toileting project manager for Closomat,

    “People who use facilties such as Changing Places tell us that without them, they simply can’t do things most of us take for granted, like a trip to the shops. The options, without a Changing Places or similar, are to lie a loved one on the floor of a public convenience to change them- with all the associated safety, sanitary considerations that go with that, go home, or not go out at all.”

  • “Outstanding” quality of education includes addressing pastoral needs

    A school already rated as ‘outstanding’ in its ability to help its pupils grow independently is delivering even better pastoral care with new, state of the art toilet facilities.

    Bedelsford School External

    Bedelsford School in Kingston-upon-Thames has invested £600,000 in creating additional, and remodelled learning spaces of the 90 years-old building, to facilitate provision of a 6th Form College whilst still addressing the vast range of needs for other pupils. The Foundation school, which accepts 60 children from 2½- 16, has, as part of the refurbishment, upgraded the toilet facilities to include three purpose-equipped hygiene suites.

    The facilities now incorporate two rooms each with a WC, height adjustable adult-sized changing bench and ceiling track X/Y hoist, and an additional, similarly equipped facility where the conventional WC has been replaced with a height-adjustable wash & dry toilet, a Clos-o-Mat Lima Lifter with touch sensitive hand switch. All the specialist equipment was supplied and installed by Closomat.

    “Our pupils’ needs are varied and wide-ranging, so we do our absolute best to ensure that we can facilitate any special requirements they may have,” explained Bedelsford School site manager Stuart Clowes.

    “Ofsted has rated Bedelsford School as outstanding in its meeting the needs of our pupils, who have profound and multiple learning difficulties, physical disabilities and complex health issues,” added head teacher Julie James. “Our team works hard to meet those needs in all aspects of our pupils’ education, including social skills, right down to the detail of toilet training, to support their development.”

    The changing benches and hoists mean pupils who have continence issues can be safely and appropriately cleaned and changed during the school day. For pupils who are more capable in addressing their own toilet needs, the Clos-o-Mat Lima Lifter gives them the ability to go to the toilet without care staff intervention. The Lima Lifter can be raised or lowered as they need; after toileting, activation of the flush mechanism or touch sensitive hand switch triggers washing and drying, eliminating the need for manual cleaning by user or care staff. It thus enhances independence and improves hygiene.

  • Listening to customers proven to pay off!

    Doing a ‘proper job’ and heeding a customer’s request is reaping rewards for a travel venue.

    Cornwall Services

    Cornwall Services has seen visitor numbers increase since it opened its Changing Places toilet for disabled visitors at the end of June. It had the facility installed, by Closomat, after the need for the assisted, wheelchair-accessible toilet with additional fixtures of a changing bench and hoist was highlighted, by customer Rachel George, who has a 10 years old disabled son.

    “We’ve had a fantastic response!” enthuses Site Manager Alex Lawson. “It is being used on a daily basis, with customers returning time and time again, and planning trips with a stop scheduled here, knowing they can safely use the toilets with dignity, from 6.00am- 11.00pm seven days a week

    “We have worked hard to let people know about it, with a media campaign for the unveiling, detailing it on our website, and very obvious signage on our roadside totem pole. We believe in doing a ‘proper job’ as we say down here: reaction to the toilet demonstrates we’ve certainly done that as far as disabled people and their families are concerned!”

    Adds Kelvin Grimes, Closomat away from home project manager, “The Changing Places toilet is designed for people who need help, or extra space, to go to the loo, so most will be stopping with at least one carer, maybe a whole family. Therefore, the availability of the facility is bringing not only users but at least double, and potentially up to four times as many customers to Cornwall Services!”

    Cornwall Services is the only non motorway service station in the UK to offer a Changing Places facility. Visitors who need to use it just ask a member of staff. The wheelchair-accessible room is 7.5m2, with an adult-sized, height adjustable changing bench and ceiling track hoist.

  • Wetherspoon’s Lifeboat to the rescue for special needs

    Wetherspoons Lifeboat ExternalResidents of and visitors to one of Lancashire’s most popular resort towns can be sure all their needs are met at the new JD Wetherspoon pub in Formby.

    The Lifeboat- formerly the town’s Conservative Club and named by local residents to reflect the town’s historic association with the RNLI- opens its doors this summer and features the first Changing Places assisted accessible toilet in the town.

    Wetherspoons Lifeboat InternalSupplied and installed by Closomat, the Changing Places is bigger than conventional wheelchair-accessible toilet, and also has a hoist, adult-sized height adjustable changing bench and privacy screen as standard. JD Wetherspoon has conveniently located it adjacent to The Lifeboat’s other WC facilities. Users simply need a RADAR key to enter.

    JD Wetherspoon Property Development Manager Paul Gillings explained, “As a company we pride ourselves on the quality of our toilet facilities, and have won national awards for them. Toilets make a big difference to customers’ enjoyment of our venues. It is key therefore that we address all of our clients’ toilet needs as far as possible, hence our inclusion of Changing Places toilets wherever we can. And we know Closomat will project manage that whole element for us, efficiently delivering a fully compliant facility.”

  • Go to the bathroom to alleviate pressure on home care provision

    Adapting the bathroom to be more accessible could alleviate need for home care provision for over 1/4million people in England alone.

    Clos o Mat Accessible Bathrooms

    According to a new Age UK report- Later Life in the UK- over 370,000 people aged 65+ in England receive community-based care & support.; 68% of people receiving care & support services said it helped them most in personal care.

    “If they only need help getting around the bathroom, on and off the toilet, imagine what a difference provision of assistive technology would make to pressure on homecare budgets,” observes Robin Tuffley, marketing manager for Closomat, Britain’s leading provider of accessible bathrooms solutions at home and away. “To put it in perspective, even something as advanced as a toilet lift, to help someone get on and off the loo without help, equates to just 10 weeks’ average care worker pay. Yet it is something which enables the user to remain independent and without care support for potentially years to come, and has a positive impact on their feeling of wellbeing. And it frees care workers for other needy cases, so the provider achieves best value.”

    Pensioner James Randall says he now has the ‘best bathroom in the world’, with the inclusion of Closomat’s body drier, toilet lifter and wash & dry toilet. He elaborates, “It has turned my life around, I couldn’t cope on my own without it.”

  • Change your loo to help cope with arthritis

    Many of Britain’s 9.25+million arthritis sufferers could find their daily life easier, just by changing their toilet.

    Rose Thom

    Arthritis Research UK has produced guidance on using the bathroom, and maintains therein that equipment such as an automatic- or wash & dry- toilet can help.

    Clos-o-Mat is the only British manufacturer of, and brand-leader in, automatic/ wash & dry toilets. A Clos-o-Mat toilet looks like, and can be used as, a conventional WC. In-built douching and drying mean it also washes and dries the user, so they do not have to grasp and tear toilet tissue, nor contort and grip to manually clean themselves.

    The floor-mounted Palma Vita can be tailored to individual needs with alternative operating devices, support arms, seats etc; the wall-mounted Lima Lift is height adjustable so can be raised and lowered to assist the user getting on and off if they have limited mobility in hips and knees.

    Rose Thom says of her Palma Vita, “I’m very pleased with it, it’s no effort to use the touch switch with my thumb. Otherwise I would be dependent on someone helping to wipe me. My husband uses the Clos-o-Mat too, though as a conventional toilet, so it works for both of us.”

    Adds Heather O”Brien about her Lima Lift: “When it first arrived, I thought ‘what the heck do I do with this?’. Now I think it’s fantastic, brilliant! Because the Lima Lift can be easily lowered by finger-tip control it means I can easily get on and off the toilet without help, setting it at a perfect height for me. And with my arthritis, I struggle to grasp toilet paper: the washing and drying facilities mean I know I am properly clean, again without having to get my partner to help me.”

    Appreciating people may need to ‘see and feel’ to understand the concept, Clos-o-Mat has a number of demonstration units available across the UK. A fully-searchable map on its website- enables people to find one most convenient to them. The website also includes a raft of information about the range of products, including specification guidance, user comments and case studies. Clients are supported by full in-house technical and after-sales support, reinforced by the family-owned company’s 50+ years’ history and over 50,000 toilets having been sold.

  • Starring role for toilet

    Kenny BakerA toilet is helping dignity and hygiene for one of Britain’s most famous little people.

    Kenny Baker, the Lancashire-based actor most famous for bringing Star Wars’ R2D2 robot to life, has invested in a Clos-O-Mat automatic shower toilet, which he says has transformed performing basic functions into ‘a treat’! And he is waging a one-man campaign to have such WCs installed in as many public places as possible.

    At 3ft 8ins tall, Kenny’s dwarfism meant it was physically impossible to easily cleanse himself after toileting.

    On location in Japan, his hotel room had as standard an automatic shower toilet, which incorporates an integral washing and drying facility. “The Japanese love technology, and to them such toilets are normal. I thought ‘I’ve got to have one of those!’ It was a treat to go to the toilet: usually, I have to put the loo roll on the floor and sit on that to try and clean myself. It can be very messy,” he explains.

    As a result, he has had a Clos-O-Mat installed in his home in Preston. The unit- no bigger than, and looking the same as, a standard WC- combines conventional toilet facilities with a bidet facility and drier, making it suitable for use by all regardless of age and ability. It can be used as a conventional WC with lavatory paper, yet, if required, manual cleansing can be avoided by using the douche and drying facility, triggered by elbow or arm pressure on the standard flush or by a pneumatic hand held switch.  Integral water heater and thermostatic controls ensure personal comfort and safety during use, providing warm water progressing to cool for douching and a gentle, warm airflow for drying. To personalize the toilet for his own particular requirements, Kenny has specified optional grab rails and an upholstered soft seat.

    Adds Kenny, “The Clos-O-Mat has been a fantastic buy, and so comfortable I’ve been known to fall asleep sitting on it! We live in a world where people of all abilities travel more widely and more frequently. This toilet is much more hygienic and pleasant for everyone and can be used by everyone: why are they not in airports and hotels everywhere?”

    Manufactured in Manchester, Clos-O-Mat was the first automatic toilet in the market and is now the UK’s biggest-selling such unit, being installed in locations ranging from individual’s homes to hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, shopping centres, tourist attractions and even on narrowboats. The Palma Vita is the first automatic shower toilet developed specifically for the disabled: previous units have all been adapted from models sold in the ‘luxury’ sector.

    Clos-o-Mat provides a comprehensive sales, installation and after sales package, and offers a range of options to enable tailoring of each unit to individual requirements.

  • Improved hygiene for children

    Even the smallest disabled child can toilet with dignity and improved hygiene with the latest offering from Clos-o-Mat.

    The UK’s leading supplier of toileting aids for the disabled has developed a bespoke clip-on version of the innovative Rifton Hygiene & Toileting System (HTS), enabling the seat to be used with Clos-o-Mat’s Palma Vita wash & dry toilet.

    As a result, disabled children as small as 106cms and their carers can now benefit from the independence and hygiene inherent in a wash & dry toilet. Yet the flexibility of the unit means larger children and small adults- up to 187cms- can similarly use the combination: the Rifton HTS seat is available in two sizes, with each size delivering tool-free depth, height and width adjustability so it can be easily adapted as the child grows.

    The Rifton HTS toilet-top uses a unique bracket system engineered by Clos-o-Mat to simply clip onto the Palma Vita. The unit can be tailored to individual child needs through a raft of accessories including hip and lateral supports, anterior support, foot rests, safety straps, abductor and splashguards. Once the clip-on seat is secured into position, the Palma Vita can be used as normal- ie as a conventional WC or, by longer pressure on the flush pad, to wash and dry the user after toileting. After use, the Rifton HTS clip-on can be unclipped so other members of the family can use the WC, and wiped down with a cloth if required.

    The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita itself sits as low as 41cm as standard, facilitating access and use by children- or adults. Looking just like a conventional toilet, it can be used as such, but has the optional ability, by simple hand or body pressing of the flush lever, to cleanse the user via the integral douche and drier, without the need for wiping with toilet paper.

    The clip-on system compliments the Clos-o-Mat’s paediatric support range which helps ensure the young person is properly seated, positioned and supported when using the toilet.

    Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager, explains, “Today, one child in 20 under the age of 16 is disabled- a 62% increase in the past 25 years! Our management team are family people, as a company we have an ethos of optimising life for everyone, and appreciate the need to accommodate everyone’s needs, regardless of age and size, and appreciating budgetary constraints.”

    Clos-o-Mat works closely with Occupational Therapists and appropriate care professionals to help advise on the most appropriate toileting solutions for each individual, and offers a free consultation and demonstration facility. Full information is detailed here.

  • Restore older independence

    James BraniganPressure on care budgets could be alleviated by going to the toilet….

    With care budgets in the headlines, Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leading supplier of toilet solutions for elderly and disabled people, is pointing to latest research by Age UK to show how that pressure can in part be alleviated.

    The research highlights that the number of people aged 60+ -already almost 15million people- will rise by 5million/30% in the next 15 years. Among the 1million+ people who received care & support services, almost 70% reported the need was for personal care- including going to the toilet.

    “For many people, either fitting a toilet lift so they can get on and off the loo unaided, or changing a conventional WC for one that washes & dries them, would eliminate their need for homecare,” observes Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager.

    “The cost would be amortised in less than a year, and be out of a different budget, thus releasing some care requirement to be allocated to someone else in need. But it gives more than a financial benefit: it gives that person independence and dignity, and so improves their feeling of self-worth, in a very private and personal process. It also helps ensure a consistent level of cleanliness and hygiene, for them and the carer.”

  • Learn about toileting assistive technology

    Going to the toilet without help is a major issue for thousands of disabled and Douche Armelderly people. A new educational resource could help them regain their independence and improve levels of personal care hygiene.

    Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s only manufacturer of wash/dry toilets, has developed an educational presentation on the assistive technology, to help get it right. The seminar covers considerations on the core toilet, accessories, and its location within the home.

    Explains Mark Sadler, sales director, “Even if people have the same illness or disorder, they won’t have the same issues to consider in specifying equipment to best assist them. But it’s not just about the equipment ie the toilet itself. It’s about how they will get on and off the toilet. It’s about where it’s being installed- available space, water, soil, electrics. …..

    “If specifiers are properly educated, they will get it right from the outset, which will make a life-changing difference to their client. That seems dramatic: we go to the loo on average eight times a day, so it is something that figures prominently in daily life, and how would you like to have to rely on someone else to help you go to the toilet?”

    People interested in benefitting from the presentation can register their interest via email ( or by telephoning the company on 0161 969 1199.

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  • ‘Changing Places’- what it means

    For designers and specifiers of public environments, compliance with latest regulations and guidelines is being simplified, with a new CPD on specific aspects of accessible building design.

    Under the revised BS8300:2009, most buildings to which the public have access, from civic buildings through hotels to leisure facilities, should include a ‘Changing Places’ facility- an assisted, accessible toilet. The latest Building Regulations Approved Document M also states such a facility is ‘desirable’ for inclusion.

    The presentation addresses exactly what Changing Places are, the rationale behind them, the considerations for creating them, and the equipment and services needed to comply, helping the industry understand what is required, and how it can be achieved.

    Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager, elaborates, “We know from our experience as market leader in disabled toileting that specifiers are increasingly aware of the concept of ‘Changing Places’ but unsure how to comply with the guidelines and Regulations. It is therefore logical for us to give decision makers the knowledge they need, backed up with experience gained from scores of Changing Places installations, be it supply of equipment or complete project management, installation, commissioning and ingoing service & maintenance.

    “There are 10m registered disabled people in the UK. Our population is ageing. Changing Places toilets are designed to enable anyone who needs the help of a carer to go to the toilet when away from home in an appropriate environment, with appropriate equipment.”

    The Clos-o-Mat CPD can be booked by or telephoning Clos-o-Mat on 0161 969 1199. 

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  • Total approach simplifies educational toilet specification

    Thornton CollegeThe number of pupils and students with special needs has grown by over 60% in the past 25 years, prompting an increase in the need of appropriate toilet facilities in educational buildings.

    To help specifiers better understand up-to-date legal and ‘best practice’ requirements, leading disabled toilet provider Clos-o-Mat has published a new white paper: Considerations & Specification of Accessible Toilet Facilities in Educational Buildings.

    “Some 60% of statemented children are now in mainstream schools, and almost 6% of the higher and further education student population has a disability” says Robin TuffleClos-o-Mat marketing manager. “Yet according to research by the Bog Standard campaign for better school toilets, 57% of schools surveyed did not haveany disabled toilet facilities!

    “Everyone knows about Building Regulations Approved Document M, but few specifiers are aware of the raft of additional guidance which is either a legal requirement or ‘good practice’, including new Department for Education guidelines published this year which replace existing DfE Building Bulletins for primary and secondary schools.”

    The white paper covers all the relevant legislation and guidance in one place, and can be downloaded direct from Clos-o-Mat’s website It is complimented by additional data including a white paper specifically on hygiene rooms for schools, CAD 2D and 3D drawings and video. Specifiers can thus be fully briefed, and prepare drawings, all from one site.

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  • Care about dignity and independence

    Care Homes PackageHome managers can cost-effectively improve their clients’ dignity and independence,  staff effectiveness, and comply with Care Quality Commission Regulations, simply by changing toileting equipment.

    Outcome 1of the Care Quality Commission Essential Standards of Quality & Safety/ Regulation 17 of the Health & Social Care Act 2010 require that, as far as reasonably practicable, suitable arrangements should be made to ensure the dignity, privacy and independence of service users, and, where appropriate, provide opportunities for service users to manage their own care.

    Clos-o-Mat- Britain’s leading provider of toileting solutions for disabled and elderly people, has developed a bespoke package for care and nursing homes, enabling them to deliver that dignity, privacy and independence when going to the toilet. It simultaneously achieves consistency and quality of toilet care.

    The package encompasses Clos-o-Mat’s Palma Vita automatic shower (wash and dry) toilet and Aerolet toilet lift. “Simply by installing either or both pieces of equipment, the home ‘frees’ care staff for duties other than taking clients to the toilet, and gives clients their independence and dignity in an area of very personal care,” says Claire Haymes, Clos-o-Mat’s care & nursing home specialist. “Even if used by just one resident, the equipment can pay for itself in under three months*, and can potentially be offset as a capital allowance against tax.”

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  • Free-ly open to all….

    CramlingtonThe North East’s first free school is now open, to all, through an innovative approach to pupils’ pastoral needs.

    Cramlington Village Primary School in Cramlington,  south-eastNorthumerland, aims to focus on individual children’s needs. As part of that ethos, a key element of the new school is the creation of a fully accessible hygiene room, enabling pupils, regardless of learning needs, to aspire to optimum independence.

    Supplied by the UK’s top accessible toilet equipment supplier, Clos-o-Mat, the room features a height adjustable changing bench, height adjustable wash basin, hoist and Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita wash and dry (automatic) toilet. Looking like a conventional WC, the Palma Vita has in-built douching and drying,

    As a result, children who need help toileting can do so with minimal assistance, as equipment can be set at an appropriate height for them; equally, the Palma Vita helps develop personal skills in ensuring the infants can toilet and be hygienically clean- in line with Government guidelines- and also provides a compliant solution to dealing with ‘little accidents’.

    Initially, the school has a Reception and Year One class, and will add a new Reception intake each year to offer an innovative curriculum for children from four years of age up to 11. School principal Debbie Wylie says, “We are focusing on individual children’s needs and integrating those into an innovative curriculum. We have aspirational targets, delivered in a flexible way to suit each child.

    “The hygiene room gives us a valuable resource in meeting those aims outside the classroom, and will help current and future pupils develop strong personal skills.”

    Adds Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager. “Legally, schools have to provide at least 1 toilet for every 20 pupils, and accessible toilets for disabled pupils, staff and visitors. BB102 recommends that schools have a hygiene room, to accommodate the needs of growing numbers of children with special needs in mainstream schools. It also specifically states that toilet fixtures and fittings ‘should…help them develop personal care skills’. What could help them in that way more than a toilet that cleans and dries them afterwards, so they do not have to depend on a carer to wipe them?”

    Clos-o-Mat is unique in being able to deliver, in house, design advice, supply, install, commissioning, and maintenance of all the equipment for a hygiene room or accessible washroom, toilet or changing room. It has over 50 years’ experience in the sector, whilst its Palma Vita is the only unit of its kind developed specifically for disabled people. Clos-o-Mat is now the UK’s leading supplier of hygiene rooms and their public equivalent, Changing Places toilets.

  • Changing Places in the healthcare industry

    Finchley HospitalHospitals are failing to provide proper facilities for thousands of out-patients and visitors, yet that could be transformed simply by installing appropriate toilets.

    One in 284 people in the UK need a Changing Places toilet. Yet of the UK’s 2300 hospitals, only 8 have the ‘bigger and better’ accessible (disabled) facility. “On average we visit the toilet 8 times a day,” elaborates Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager. “Out patients and visitors often need to go to the toilet when on hospital premises.  For many people, who need the help of a carer, a standard accessible toilet is inappropriate, lacking the space and equipment they need. As a result, they either have to be changed on the toilet floor- a degrading and germ-ridden experience, soil themselves, or go home before being seen. A Changing Places toilet meets their needs, and provides an appropriate, hygienic environment.”

    To help estates and facilities managers easily understand the need, the requirement and the criteria, Clos-o-Mat, the UK’s leading disabled toileting solutions provider, has published a white paper: Provision of Changing Places Accessible Toilets in the Healthcare/Hospitals Industry.

    Available for download from the company’s website, the white paper covers the rationale behind a Changing Places toilet, quantifies the need to provide such a facility in healthcare establishments, and covers legislative and ‘good practice’ guidelines. Thus the document covers, in one source, all data to make an informed decision on installation of a Changing Places toilet.

    Unlike a conventional accessible (Document M type) toilet, a Changing Places toilet is a minimum 12m2, and has additional equipment of a height adjustable, adult-sized changing bench, hoist and privacy screen.

    Since the Changing Places concept was developed, over 500 have been installed across the UK, with Clos-o-Mat being the leading supplier. The company is unique in being able to offer, in-house, design advice, supply, install, commissioning and ongoing service/maintenance, backed up by in-house project management of a Changing Places toilet or hygiene room.

  • Protect investment in ‘spending a penny’…

    InstallationProviders of toilet facilities open to the public can save £000s per annum yet simultaneously deliver better service through an innovative scheme by Clos-o-Mat.

    And one scheme user maintains it would be ‘foolish’ not to take advantage of the service!

    The scheme is Clos-o-Mat’s service and maintenance package for ‘out of home’ accessible toilets, including Changing Places toilets and hygiene rooms, which it has supplied.

    Under the plan, the company’s team of in-house, specially trained engineers undertake annual maintenance of ALL the key equipment provided by Clos-o-Mat in the toilets. This includes complex technical fittings such as height adjustable changing benches, Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita automatic shower (wash and dry) toilets and hoists.

    Further, should there be a problem with any of the equipment, Clos-o-Mat’s engineers will be on site as quickly as possible and undertake whatever steps necessary to remedy the issue and ensure the toilet facility is fully functioning.

    Wakefield College is just one customer that has taken advantage of the package, for its two accessible toilet facilities supplied and installed by Clos-o-Mat. Elaborates Diane Henry, Estates Manager, “Due to the installation costs and technical nature of the equipment I believe it would be foolish not to invest in servicing. Servicing helps to ensure optimum performance, minimise operational downtime which would have a negative impact on the potential users of the facility, and helps prolong the equipment’s life.”

    Adds Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager, ‘When providers have made a significant investment in the provision of an accessible toilet, it is logical to ensure it is operational as much as possible, not only to potentially maximise return on investment but also to optimise that intangible ‘customer service’, especially when to do so adds little pro rata to the annual running costs.

    “We have all know the frustration of needing to go to the toilet when away from home and find the nearest one is out of use. That frustration is significantly increased when you are- or care for someone who is- disabled, and need special facilities.”

    Details of the service & maintenance package are available on Clos-o-Mat’s website, or via email ( or telephone (0161 969 1199).

    Founded 50 years ago, Clos-o-Mat is the only company in the UK that can not only supply the full ambit of disabled toilet solutions, but install, project manage, commission and maintain the equipment.

  • Simply the best- a toilet!!

    Dr Ken Townend“The best in product and service back-up” is the opinion of a Doctor in hyperbaric medicine- about his toilet.

    The toilet in question is a Palma Vita, manufactured by Clos-o-Mat, in the UK; whilst it looks like a conventional WC- and can be used as such- the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita has in-built douching and drying, operated simply by pressing and holding the flush pad or ‘soft touch’ switch. Dr Kenneth Townend PhD, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, had it installed to help him undertake personal hygiene in comfort when he developed diverticulitis after suffering two strokes.

    “The diverticulitis means my bowels move only every 5 -10 days, which makes passing motions difficult and sore. I bleed. I often get infections. With the Clos-o-Mat, I just press the button and off we go! I get far less sore bums, which I used to get all the time even though I used the softest toilet paper or even wipes. And I am confident that I am clean, which didn’t happen before,” he explains. 

    “I have the toilet regularly serviced, and on the rare occasions I have needed it inbetween, the company’s back-up service has been the best.”

    Clos-o-Mat introduced its first automatic/ wash and dry shower toilet to the UK 50 years ago; in excess of 40,000 of the toilets have since been sold- some of which are still in daily use 30+ years after first being installed. The toilet means people who may otherwise need assistance to toilet can do so without help, with increased dignity, privacy and independence.

    Clos-o-Mats are  suitable for use in or out of home: they have even been fitted on tall ships, a narrowboat, at Paddington Station, the National Exhibition Centre and most of England’s major airports. The toilet is just part of Clos-o-Mat’s range of accessible bathroom/washroom equipment designed to enable anyone, regardless of ability, to live as independently and fully as possible.

  • Total approach helps take Liverpool into 21st century

    One of Liverpool’s oldest sites is the latest to be brought up to 21st Century inclusivity….

    The Liverpool City Council- administered Calderstones Park features Neolithic sandstone bolders inscribed with mysterious rock-art petroglyphs and an oak tree reputed to be 1000 years old and which legend has was the setting of a medieval court The Park is now one of the most disabled-friendly areas in the city, with the opening of a sensory garden alongside the special, accessible Changing Places toilet by the Park’s Georgian mansion.

    Funded under the Aiming High programme, the toilet, supplied by Changing Places campaign sponsor Total Hygiene, enables anyone who needs the support of at least one carer to undertake basic personal hygiene when away from home in appropriate facilities. The Calderstone Park toilet compliments Changing Places units at Newsham Park and Croxteth Hall Park, also supplied by Total Hygiene.

    Liverpool City Council’s Chris Lines explained, “The City is committed to being pioneering, especially in public health: it was the first city to provide public baths and wash-houses, and its Lifehouse project, in partnership with Liverpool Community Health, is the most comprehensive independent living centre in the North West. It is fitting it is now one of the leading local authorities to provide Changing Places toilets.”

    Larger than a conventional accessible (Document M) toilet, a Changing Places toilet also includes additional equipment of a height adjustable adult sized changing bench, privacy screen and hoist. Liverpool City Council has further optimized suitability for all by incorporating a Clos-o-Mat Palma ‘wash and dry’ toilet with touch-sensitive switch.  Looking like, and capable of being used as, a conventional WC, the Clos-o-Mat- manufactured by Total Hygiene- features integral automatic douching and drying, eliminating the need to manually cleanse with toilet tissue, improving hygiene, dignity and independence for the user and their carer. The touch sensitive switch enables the user to operate the toilet by light hand or foot pressure.

    Since the Changing Places campaign began over 400 Changing Places toilets have been opened across the UK. In the last 18 months alone, almost 150 Changing Places toilets have been opened at venues across the country, demonstrating the need, and demand.


  • Solution to achieve best value in budget constraints

    Housing and care providers are being offered a practical and cost-effective solution to ensuring client care can continue to be delivered despite budget cutbacks, through a practical approach from Total Hygiene.

    The company, Britain’s leading supplier of disabled toileting solutions, has a unique service and maintenance package for local authorities and housing associations.  For less than 50p/day, people who need the help of a carer to go to the toilet can be assured that Total Hygiene’s equipment will be regularly servicing to optimize its continued efficiency and functioning, and, in the rare event there is a problem, the company will send one of its team if in-house, dedicated service engineers within 48 hours of notification to resolve the issue.

    “To cut service contracts for specialized equipment is a false economy” says Ian Tomlinson, Total Hygiene commercial manager. , “ On average we visit the toilet eight times a day!It is vital to someone’s personal hygiene, let alone their feeling of independence and self-worth, that disabled or elderly people are not denied access to a toilet for any longer than necessary. If the equipment stops working, the option is to send in a community carer to help them toilet- that cost of that visit is significantly greater than 50p/day! We all know from practical, first-hand experience that best value is achieved, and it is more cost-effective in the long-run, to regularly service equipment, to ensure it functions at its optimum, reliably.”

    Multiple Sclerosis sufferer Kevin Pointing had one of Total Hygiene’s Clos-o-Mat wash and dry toilets installed at his West Sussex home under a Disabled Facilities Grant,, and has the benefit of a service & maintenance contract.

    “I just couldn’t be without it, it’s a brilliant piece of kit,” he says. “You try your hardest to carry on regardless but my illness means I can’t use my right arm at all and can’t stand up, so need help with almost everything. Would you want your wife or husband to be wiping your bottom every time you needed to go to the loo? Our quality of life has gone through the roof! The Clos-o-Mat has helped enormously, physically and mentally. We have a lot of friends who visit, and they all love it too, and almost make excuses to go to the toilet when they’re here!”

    Total Hygiene is the only manufacturer of specialist ‘wash and dry’ toilets to offer a full service & maintenance package, using its own team of engineers. Since launch in the UK 50 years ago, over 40,000 of the company’s Clos-o-Mat ‘wash and dry’ toilet have been installed. The Clos-o-Mat’s combination of a douche and drier with a WC, enables elderly and disabled people to toilet with little or no assistance, as it removes the need for manual cleansing by themselves or a carer. The Clos-o-Mat itself is unique, being the only unit of its type developed specifically for disabled people, and was the first to attain WRAS approval for legal connection to the mains water supply.


  • Total priority to achieving value for money in school hygiene

    Priority SchoolsCompliance with hygiene and toilet requirements is becoming a growing priority in school building- but one that can be easily addressed….

    Total Hygiene, the UK’s leading supplier of accessible and inclusive toileting solutions, has devised a package that ensures whole-life value for money, meeting the requirements of Building Bulletin 102, and the Department for Education’s standard specification for school toilets and hygiene rooms. The package comes as the Government begins releasing funding for the Priority Schools programme, and the Welsh Government publishes good practice guidelines for school toilets.

    Under Total Hygiene’s offering, specifiers can use the company to advise on design, then supply, install AND maintain all the equipment for accessible toilets and hygiene rooms: Total Hygiene is the only British company able to offer the complete raft of services in-house.

    “Under the Standard Specification, each school toilet block should have accessible toilets included, and to the same quality and aesthetics as other toilets,” explains Robin Tuffley, Total Hygiene marketing manager. “Latest statistics show that the number of disabled children increased by 62% in the past 25 years, and 60%- 150,000- of the statemented children in England alone are in mainstream schooling, requiring appropriate adaptation of the school environment to meet their needs. The growing number of orders we have to supply and install hygiene rooms, which include changing facilities, in schools reinforces the statistics.”

    Wakefield College is just one establishment that has taken advantage of Total Hygiene’s package, installing special accessible toilet facilities not only in the new SkillsXchange, but also in its existing Thornes Park campus, with plans to further include them in another new block at the main Wakefield campus.

    Explained a spokesperson for Wakefield College, “We want to promote access and education to all, and therefore felt the way forward was to put in accessible toilets, each on the ground floor near reception for optimum accessibility.”

    The accessible toilets/ hygiene rooms include space for the disabled person and up to two carers, a height adjustable changing bench, hoist, a height adjustable washbasin and Clos-o-Mat ‘wash and dry’ toilet.

    The biggest-selling unit of its type, the Clos-o-Mat looks like a conventional WC but features integral douching and drying, removing the need for the user or their carer to manually cleanse after toileting, thus improving hygiene, dignity and independence. Observed Kelvin Grimes, Total Hygiene’s accessible toilet specialist, “We worked closely with Wakefield College to develop a solution that would deliver now, and for the future, and encompass as many students’ needs as possible. A hygiene room/accessible toilet with a Clos-o-Mat, rather than a standard WC, was felt to truly fulfill the College’s ethos of access and education to all, regardless of type of disability.”