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Sebastian Parkhouse spastic Quadriplegia, cerebral palsy and learning difficulties with global development delay

Closomat Palma Vita with arm supports

Sebastian Parkhouse

Occupational Therapist Amanda Hoy:

“Whilst he needs help onto the toilet, with the supports he can sit there safely whilst he toilets, and understands the reward system school has introduced when he ‘performs’. In the long term will be able to ‘go’ on his own, without Mum, or school, worrying about whether he is properly clean, as the Closomat washes and dries him afterwards. Even now, as the Closomat washes and dries Sebastian after toileting, it improves hygiene for him and his carers.

“The Closomat is just one element, but a vital one, in the long-term vision of helping Sebastian be as independent as possible.”

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