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Improve the dignity and independence of your residents and save money as well.


Care Package delivers... 

  • restored dignity and independence for toilet users
  • little or no reliance on carers to assist
  • consistency of care and cleanliness when toileting
  • enhanced hygiene and feeling of wellbeing for users
  • accessories available to make the Palma Vita useable by most people
  • full after sales and servicing options available

For toileting in a care environment

One of the main Regulatory criteria for nursing and care homes, and a basic human right, is to ensure the dignity, privacy and independence of their residents, particularly with regard to personal care and using the toilet. This is where Closomat's shower toilets come in.

"Closomat ticks all the boxes...

it gives our residents to ability to go to the toilet with little or no help, giving them greater independence and a feeling of dignity, and it addresses health & safety issues regarding lifting and handling for the staff." Garry Gavigan, owner of Glenashling Care Home.

"When we were assessed by the Care Quality Commission, they said our Closomat toilet was a forward-thinking, refreshing idea," Amanda O'Neil manager at Eshcol House.

Care homes also have an obligation to minimise the risk to which their staff are exposed, especially with lifting and handling issues.

This is where Closomat's toilet equipment comes in.

Care Homes Room

Our Palma Vita automatic wash and dry toilet means the user can toilet without having to be wiped clean by their carer, and is always cleaned to a consistent, high standard. Our Aerolet lifter facilitates getting on and off the toilet, again without carer assistance.

And research shows the cost of our toilet and lifting equipment pays for itself within four months1.

Our 50+ years of experience in provision of toileting aids for disabled and elderly people mean we are uniquely positioned to help


  • assess a care and/or nursing home's needs
  • advise on the most appropriate and cost-effective solution
  • design, supply, install
  • service/maintain the equipment 

Giving you complete peace of mind and even better client care.
(1 cost of care provision to go to the toilet approx. £7000pa ( 2 x carers x 4 toilet visits/day x 365 days); Aerolet or Palma Vita purchase price ≤£2800.)


PeopleThe Care Quality Commission's guidance notes commented that wherever possible residents/patients should be able to care for themselves. National audits have also shown that cleaning people after they have used the toilet, is seen by many carers as dirty work, resulting in a lack of consistency in the level of cleanliness provided to toilet users.

Closomat's Care Package can help overcome such issues, making going to the toilet a dignified and independent process, giving a more consistent level of cleansing, and helping to boost many users own self-esteem.

In addition...

Simultaneously, care home operators have to comply with Health and Safety considerations for both residents and staff: latest statistics from the Health & Safety Executive reveal care home providers reported 11,000 work related accidents in the UK. People handling is the most common cause of injury to staff, with low falls causing five fatalities and over 150 major injuries to residents.

In Europe as well...

The various issues regarding users' dignity and Health and Safety factors are also of increasing concern to care homes in other European countries. As a result of this we are supplying ever growing numbers of Closomat shower toilets into Europe, particularly into Germany, Switzerland and latterly Norway, where the Closomat toilet has just won the Norwegian Governments tender for their exclusive installation into all Government funded care homes.

How it works

For client and care worker, optimum hygiene, dignity can be achieved in the bathroom through any or all of our assistive technology…

We can bring to your personal care offering:

  • 55+ years experience in enabling elderly and disabled people to be independent and hygienic in the bathroom
  • enhanced independence, dignity, wellbeing, cleanliness for clients
  • enhanced safety in moving & handling for staff
  • design advice compliant with all Regulations and best practice guidelines
  • supply, install, commissioning of equipment
  • service & maintenance of our equipment


Our accessible bathroom assistive technology gives you stylish and practical, ‘hands-free’ solutions.

Our automatic wash & dry toilets mean the user doesn’t have to be wiped clean, and is always cleaned to the same, consistent standard View Products 

Aerolet toilet lifts help clients get on and off the loo without help View Products

Our range of ceiling track hoists delivers optimum safety and dignity in client transfer View Products 

Adult-sized height-adjustable changing benches deliver dignity and safety in hygiene View Products

Our Apreshower body drier addresses delicate skin issues View Products

Cost Analysis


care staff wages of £7.80 per hour

two staff required to take each client to the bathroom and assist for each 15 minute toilet trip, of which they undertake an average of 5 trips per client per day (NB we go to the loo on average 8 times a day!)

Therefore staff spend 2.50 hours/client/day on toileting.

Even if only four clients in your home need toilet help, that means in effect you are paying one member of staff to spend the whole day on toilet duty.

In a home where 30 residents need toilet help, staff costs alone equate to £213,525 a year (£7117.50 each individual per annum) (source: Garry Gavigan, Glenashling).

Yet the Closomat Palma Vita cost is £2580, an Aerolet toilet lift £2,885. (both one off costs)

Care staff are released from some, if not all, daytime toilet assistance, enabling them to undertake other duties, giving you better use of resources.

The capital cost against staff costs is amortised in approx. 40 days: less than a month and a half!

The saving on staff costs helps address the shortfall between local authority funding and actual costs.

The equipment cost can potentially be offset against tax.



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